Niagara Gorge Discovery Center

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, also known as the Schoellkopf Geological Museum, is located on the American side of Niagara Falls within Niagara Falls State Park. It is one of the best hiking spots in the Niagara Region.

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center a showcase of the natural and local history of Niagara Falls and the surrounding area. The Discovery Center provides information on the natural and local history of the Niagara Gorge. Also there is interactive displays, a 180° multi-screen theater experience, and a towering rock climbing wall, complete with fossils and geological formations.

  • Niagara Gorge Trailhead Center:
  • Niagara Falls hiking starts at the Discovery Center’s Niagara Gorge Trailhead Center, gateway to the best hiking and biking trails in the region.

  • Great Gorge Scenic Overlook Hike:
  • Begins at the Trailhead Building and is an easy one-hour hike.

  • Upper Great Gorge Hike
  • Begins at the Trailhead Building and follows the Great Gorge Railway Trail for an easy two-hour hike.

  • Devil's Hole Rapids and Giant Rock
  • Begins at Devil's Hole State Park and is a moderate level 2.5-hour hike. Minimum age requirement: 8 years of age.

  • Whirlpool Rapids Adventure Hike
  • Begins at Whirlpool State Park and is a difficult, three-hour hike, including some boulder hopping. Age Requirement: Minimum age 8 and over.

Timing: 9am to 7pm

Address: Niagara Falls, NY 14303, USA

Phone: (716) 278-1070

Niagara Gorge Discovery Center

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